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Release date:
May 29th, 1989
Catalog ID:
Necrosis Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
15 reviews (avg. 91%)
Side A
1. The Stench of Burning Death 01:34   Show lyrics
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2. Eaten Alive 01:39   Show lyrics
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3. Acid Bath 01:31   Show lyrics
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4. Slaughter of the Innocent 01:33   Show lyrics
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5. Decomposed 01:22   Show lyrics
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6. Radiation Sickness 02:05   Show lyrics
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7. Splattered Cadavers 01:26   Show lyrics
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8. Festering Boils 01:53   Show lyrics
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9. Pestilent Decay 01:05   Show lyrics
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Side B
10. Crematorium 01:30   Show lyrics
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11. Driven to Insanity 01:40   Show lyrics
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12. Six Feet Under 01:12   Show lyrics
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13. Bodily Dismemberment 01:46   Show lyrics
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14. Repulsion 01:46   Show lyrics
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15. The Lurking Fear 01:10   Show lyrics
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16. Black Breath 02:17   Show lyrics
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17. Maggots in Your Coffin 01:46   Show lyrics
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18. Horrified 02:03   Show lyrics
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Band members
Scott Carlson Vocals, Bass
Matt Olivo Guitars
Dave "Grave" Hollingshead Drums
Aaron Freeman Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Scott Hull Mastering (2-CD)
Doug Earp Producer
Jonas Berzanskis Remixing (in March '89)
Scott Carlson Remixing (in March '89)
Aaron Freeman Remixing (in March '89)
Jonathan Canady Design (2-CD)
Scott Hull Mastering (2-CD)
Doug Earp Producer
Jonas Berzanskis Remixing (in March '89)
Scott Carlson Remixing (in March '89)
Aaron Freeman Remixing (in March '89)
Jonathan Canady Design (2-CD)
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Originally released in 1986 as a demo called Slaughter of the Innocent. It was "officially" released as Horrified on the Necrosis label (owned by members of Carcass and a subdivision of Earache Records) in 1989.

Re-released again in 2006 on double gatefold vinyl by Southern Lord Recordings, with the same bonus tracks as on the CD release, except Genocide 11/84 rehearsal demo and Genocide "Violent Death" demo, autumn '85.

In the song "Decomposed" the word "bitch" is clearly heard instead of the word "girl", which is stated on the booklet.

Recording information:

Recorded in June '86 at Silver Tortoise Soundlab, Ann Arbor, MI [demo]; and then remixed in March '89 by Jonas Berzanskis, Scott Carlson and Aaron Freeman, and produced by Doug Earp and Repulsion [Necrosis Records release].

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