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Impure Flame of Blasphemy

Et Verbi Sathanus / Recrucify

Release date:
January 28th, 2013
Catalog ID:
N.A.P 01
Nuclear Armageddon
666 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Et Verbi Sathanus - Biological War  
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2. Et Verbi Sathanus - Sex, Drinks and Metal (Sarcófago cover)  
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3. Et Verbi Sathanus - The Last Will (Flesh for Sacrifice)  
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Side B
4. Recrucify - Chant of Death  
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5. Recrucify - Necrophiliac Ritual  
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6. Recrucify - Bestia Negra (Chakal del Infierno)  
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7. Recrucify - Fukk in the Pentagram  
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Et Verbi Sathanus
Nuclear Veangence Bass
Warrior Fucker Drums
Black Soldier Bass
Destruktor Drums
Siniestro Okulto Guitars
Evil Fukker Vocals
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Co-released with (#invalid label link ID#) (cat # MOCP 003)

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