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RVG:TZM:DVD: Beyond the Grave

Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal

Release date:
October 31st, 2007
Catalog ID:
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1. Disclaimer  
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2. Zombie Conjuration/Slideshow  
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3. Intro & Forever to Hunger for Brains  
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4. Feasting on Your Brains  
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5. No More Room in Hell  
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6. Hurricane Zombie  
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7. Send More Cops  
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8. Night Falls  
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9. The Revenant  
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10. Beyond the Grave  
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11. Ravenous  
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12. Backstage & On the Road  
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13. Zombie Ritual  
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14. Outro/Credits  
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Tim Regan Guitars, Vocals, Programming (synth & drums)
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Contains mostly live footage synced to studio recordings. Some live audio used with or instead of studio recordings. Most songs are from True Zombie Metal (2004), the others from Former Human Sergeant (2005). There is also 45 minutes of backstage/on tour footage from the band\'s two tours. The disc is called RVG:TZM:DVD: Beyond the Grave because they insist they are releasing a second DVD once there is enough footage. Most of the footage predates 2006. RVG:TZM:DVD:BtG comes with the Millenia of Rot CD, which contains one unreleased song, 4 live tracks, and demos.

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