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Guerra Civil Canibal

Ratos de Porão

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Peculio Discos
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1. Obesidade Mórbida Constitucional 02:57   Show lyrics
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2. Toma Trouxa 01:56   Show lyrics
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3. Guerra Civil Canibal 02:08   Show lyrics
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4. Fire to Burn (Half Japanese cover) 01:48  
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5. Biotech Is Godzilla (Sepultura cover) 01:50   Show lyrics
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6. A Cola 01:38  
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7. Kill the Varukers 01:52   Show lyrics
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Band members
Jão Guitars
João Gordo Vocals
Boka Drums
Fralda Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Marcello Pompeu Producer
Jão Guitars
João Gordo Vocals
Boka Drums
Fralda Bass
Marcello Pompeu Producer
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Produced by Marcello Pompeu (Korzus)

Released as 7" by Monstro Discos/Utopia Records in 2001 and on 10" by Beat Generation/Munster Rec. 2000.

The Monstro Discos version has less tracks. This is the tracklist:

Side A
1. Obesidade Mórbida Constitucional
2. Toma Trouxa

Side B
1. Guerra Civil Canibal
2. Fire to Burn
3. A Cola

Recording information:

Recorded & Mixed at Estudios Mr Som (SP).
Mastered at Estudios Sun Trip.

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