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Rage > 10 Years in Rage: The Anniversary Album
Rage - 10 Years in Rage: The Anniversary Album
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10 Years in Rage: The Anniversary Album


Release date:
September 28th, 1994
Catalog ID:
N 0219-2
Noise Records
1 review (avg. 95%)
1. Vertigo 03:35   Show lyrics
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2. She Killed and Smiled 04:03   Show lyrics
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3. Destination Day 05:08   Show lyrics
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4. Take My Blood 04:16   Show lyrics
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5. No Sign of Life 07:28   Show lyrics
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6. Submission 03:50   Show lyrics
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7. The Unknown 04:44   Show lyrics
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8. Dangerous Heritage 04:10   Show lyrics
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9. Prayers of Steel '94 06:08   Show lyrics
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10. The Blow in a Row 07:46   Show lyrics
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Band members
Spiros Efthimiadis Guitars
Sven Fischer Guitars
Chris Efthimiadis Drums
Peter "Peavy" Wagner Vocals, Bass
Efthimios Efthimiadis Bouzouki
Alf Meyerratken Guitars (lead) (Track 9)
Rudy Graf Guitars (lead) (Track 9)
Manni Schmidt Guitars (lead) (Track 9)
Jochen Schröder Guitars (lead) (Track 9)
Thomas Grüning Guitars (lead) (Track 9)
Jörg Michael Drums (Track 9)
Miscellaneous staff
Andreas Marschall Cover art
Hansi Haberkorn Artwork
Karl-U. Walterbach Executive producer
Eberhard Köhler Mastering
Sven Conquest Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Volker Beushausen Photography
Andreas Marschall Cover art
Hansi Haberkorn Artwork
Karl-U. Walterbach Executive producer
Eberhard Köhler Mastering
Sven Conquest Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Volker Beushausen Photography
Read Their "B-sides" are better... 95% Crossover August 16th, 2008

This is the album with unreleased songs recorded for a first time or re-worked and re-recorded from demo versions.

1. Vertigo - it was probably written at time of "Reign of Fear" sessions.
2. She Killed and Smiled - it was Avenger song "Stay Wild" - here it re-arranged and lyrics re-written.
3. Destination Day - it was Avenger song - here it totally re-worked.
4. Take My Blood - it was written at time of "Trapped!" sessions.
5. No Sign of Life - it was instrumental song from "The Missing Link" sessions - also exists as demo version.
6. Submission - it was written at time of "Execution Guaranteed" sessions.
7. The Unknown - it was written at time of "Perfect Man" tour.
8. Dangerous Heritage - new song, written in 1994 year.
9. Prayers of Steel '94 - re-recorded version of Avenger song with slightly different lyrics.
10. "The Blow in a Row" is a medley containing parts from:
- Suicide
- Down by Law
- Don't Fear the Winter
- Invisible Horizons
- Waiting for the Moon
- Enough Is Enough
- Solitary Man
- Nevermore

Japanese edition bonus track:
11. Brainsucker (01:29) - it was written in 1987 year.

Peter "Peavy" Wagner's comments about each song:
1. Vertigo - This is an absolute smasher that I'd totally forgotten. Maybe it should have appeared on "Reign of Fear". No compromise - bang it out!
2. She Killed and Smiled - There was an "Avenger" song called "Stay Wild" in 1985. After a major rearrangement and with different words it sounds like this.
3. Destination Day - There was a totally different version of this on our first "Avenger" demo in 1983, in fact only the chorus remains...
4. Take My Blood - Chris and I wrote this three years ago during a session. I'm happy that we recorded our shit then and that we found the tape to make this one out of it - a real killer.
5. No Sign of Life - During the sessions for "Missing Link" we wrote an instrumental song on this somber theme. It's finished now. The words were written at the beginning of the Yugoslavian war.
6. Submission - This is something that we worked on for "Execution Guaranteed" in 1986, somehow we forgot all about it.
7. The Unknown - I wrote this one in 1988 during a tour - which is probably why I forgot about it. (On tour you can never remember what happened from one day to the next!)
8. Dangerous Heritage - This was the result of drink-and-play session with Chris' brother Spiros. It was funny listening to the tape - you couldn't recognize the original shit from the finished song.
9. Prayers of Steel '94 - The title track of my first album that I recorded with Avenger in 1984. I've changed some words for this version. You find all former members playing here. The drum take is done by Jorg, the lead breaks by Alf, Jochen, Manni, Guinness and Rudy.
10. The Blow in a Row - Hidden competition time! Try to find out which songs are included in this. There are bits and pieces from every album from "Reign of Fear" right up to "The Missing Link".
11. Brainsucker - This is more of a joke than anything else. I wrote it for a certain event in 87. Just raw!

Guest appearances by all ex-Rage musicians in track 9

Re-mastered and re-released by Noise Records / Sanctuary Records in 2002 containing five additional bonus tracks:
11. Brainsucker (01:29)
12. On the Edge (live version) (04:24)
13. Solitary Man (live version) (03:35)
14. Enough Is Enough (live version) (04:29)
15. From the Underworld (live version) (03:22)

Track 11 was original bonus track on the Japanese CD edition. Track 12-15 are taken from the "Power of Metal" concert, but track 12 was only located on the VHS and the Japanese CD edition, track 15 was only contained on the VHS version.


Barcode: 4 006030 021929

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