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Face to Face

Queensrÿche / Geoff Tate

Release date:
August 31st, 2006
None yet
1. Queensrÿche - Desert Dance   Show lyrics
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2. Geoff Tate - A Passenger   Show lyrics
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3. Queensrÿche - Losing Myself   Show lyrics
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4. Geoff Tate - Flood   Show lyrics
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5. Queensrÿche - The Art of Life   Show lyrics
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6. Geoff Tate - Off The T.V.   Show lyrics
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7. Queensrÿche - Blood   Show lyrics
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8. Geoff Tate - Helpless   Show lyrics
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9. Queensrÿche - The Great Divide   Show lyrics
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10. Geoff Tate - Every Move We Make   Show lyrics
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11. Queensrÿche - Open   Show lyrics
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12. Geoff Tate - In Other Words   Show lyrics
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Geoff Tate Vocals
Michael Wilton Guitars
Chris DeGarmo Guitars
Mike Stone Guitars
Eddie Jackson Bass
Scott Rockenfield Drums
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It's a DualDisc featuring hits from both Queensryche album "Tribe" and Geoff Tate solo project.
The first CD consists of Queensryche and Geoff Tate songs, and the second CD and DVD disc, with:
- Complete album in 5.1 surround sound
- Queensryche "Desert Dance" Live Performance Video
- Queensryche Photo Gallery
- Geoff Tate "On the Record, Off the T.V." video
- Geoff Tate Photo Gallery

BONUS Downloads via
- Grain of Faith/Geoff Tate
- Over Me/Geoff Tate
- Rhythm of Hope/Queensryche
- Tribe/Queensryche
- Doing Fine/Queensryche
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