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Release date:
July 22nd, 2003
Catalog ID:
Sanctuary Records
7 reviews (avg. 78%)
1. Open 04:32   Show lyrics
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2. Losing Myself 04:12   Show lyrics
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3. Desert Dance 03:58   Show lyrics
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4. Falling Behind 04:29   Show lyrics
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5. The Great Divide 04:01   Show lyrics
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6. Rhythm of Hope 03:31   Show lyrics
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7. Tribe 04:40   Show lyrics
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8. Blood 04:14   Show lyrics
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9. The Art of Life 04:12   Show lyrics
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10. Doin' Fine 03:52   Show lyrics
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Band members
Geoff Tate Vocals
Michael Wilton Guitars
Eddie Jackson Bass
Scott Rockenfield Drums
Chris DeGarmo Guitars
Mike Stone Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Scott Olson Engineering
Adam Kasper Mixing
Chris DeGarmo Guitars
Mike Stone Guitars
Scott Olson Engineering
Adam Kasper Mixing
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Recording information:

Chris DeGarmo contributes guitars on all of the songs, and all of the band members are partial songwriters.
Recorded at Bob Lang's & The Grove; mixed at Studio X.
Mastered at Masterdisk.


Barcode (UPC): 060768457829
Barcode (EAN): 0060768457829

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