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Operation: Livecrime


Release date:
October 28th, 1991
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 95%)
1. I Remember Now 01:19   Show lyrics
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2. Anarchy-X 01:28   instrumental
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3. Revolution Calling 04:58   Show lyrics
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4. Operation: Mindcrime 04:27   Show lyrics
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5. Speak 03:44   Show lyrics
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6. Spreading the Disease 05:06   Show lyrics
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7. The Mission 05:48   Show lyrics
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8. Suite Sister Mary 11:07   Show lyrics
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9. The Needle Lies 03:20   Show lyrics
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10. Electric Requiem 01:16   Show lyrics
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11. Breaking the Silence 04:21   Show lyrics
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12. I Don't Believe in Love 04:19   Show lyrics
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13. Waiting For 22 01:28   instrumental
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14. My Empty Room 01:37   Show lyrics
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15. Eyes of a Stranger 08:28   Show lyrics
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Band members
Geoff Tate Vocals
Michael Wilton Guitars
Chris DeGarmo Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Eddie Jackson Bass
Scott Rockenfield Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Jeff Tannenberg Producer
Geoff Tate Vocals
Michael Wilton Guitars
Chris DeGarmo Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Eddie Jackson Bass
Scott Rockenfield Drums
Jeff Tannenberg Producer
Read An act fit for the theatre. 95% hells_unicorn October 3rd, 2006

In the fall of 1991, Queensryche released Operation: Livecrime, a live VHS video commemorating the enormously popular Mindcrime tour, which had translated the album concept into a theatrical performance.

Sold as a box-set with the CD.

Re-released on DVD in 2001.

DVD features:
New interview with lead singer Geoff Tate.
The complete Queensryche Operation: Livecrime story form the original boxed set booklet.
Bonus fan photo gallery.

Video: Standard 1.33:1 Color
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 5.1
Packaging: Keep Case
Disc: SS-DL
Chapters: 15
Item Code: 77911
UPC Code: 724347791192

DVD Easter Egg:
This works on the region 1 DVD. In the bonus features menu, go to discography then go through their CD's, when you get to the one called "Queensryche", push the arrow key button up and the CD will be highlighted all the way around then push enter and it will take you to the hidden live song "The Lady Wore Black". Repeat this again but this time find the CD "The Warning", do the same push the arrow key button up and it will be highlighted then hit enter for the live song "Roads to Madness". These bonus tracks will also have lyrics.

Recording information:

Recorded in Wisconsin, May 10-12, 1991
Audio Mixed at The Enterprise, Burbank, CA and at Power Station, New York, NY
Audio Mastered at Artisan Sound Recorders

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