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Four Wings of Blasphemy and Abomination

Pseudogod / Teitanfyre / Ill Omened / Gehängter Jude

Release date:
March 11th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Contre les Heresies CD 01
Sekt ov Gnozis Productions
None yet
1. Teitanfyre - With Cathedral Carrion 04:24  
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2. Teitanfyre - Mother Plague 04:16  
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3. Pseudogod - Awakening of Archdaemon 05:52  
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4. Pseudogod - Divine Merging 04:05  
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5. Gehängter Jude - Black Abyss Sector 03:33  
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6. Gehängter Jude - In Eternal Salvation 03:14  
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7. Gehängter Jude - The Pilgrims of the Faith 02:48  
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8. Ill Omened - Kultovdeath 07:39  
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9. Ill Omened - Battlecryovdarkness 10:12  
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Naaz Bass
Yogsothoth Drums
D.Nekros Guitars
I.S.K.H. Vocals
Spīritō Destitutus Guitars
Leviathan Vocals, Bass
Diocletianus Drums (Bass early)
Gehängter Jude
Stahii Vocals
Sergii Drums
Artemi Bass
Dmitri Guitars
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Teitanfyre tracks are demo tracks.
Ill Omened tracks are the "KultOvDeath" demo.

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