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Infernal Rock 'n Roll


Release date:
March 2011
Catalog ID:
Israhellbanger Records
9 reviews (avg. 71%)
1. Infernal Rock 'n' Roll 03:27   Show lyrics
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2. Crime and Punishment 03:44   Show lyrics
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3. Gybenhinnom 04:03   Show lyrics
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Band members
Werewolf Bass, Vocals (backing)
Butcher Guitars, Vocals
Dekapitator Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Subtrocity Cover art
Werewolf Bass, Vocals (backing)
Butcher Guitars, Vocals
Dekapitator Drums
Subtrocity Cover art
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Released by Israhellbanger Records in March 2011
Logo design by Milovan Novakovic.
Cover artwork by Erick "Subtrocity" Musall

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