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Fuck You!!! And Loving It!!!: A Retrospective


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1. a. Tight Black Pants (rehearsal segment) Tribecca Loft (1977) 1b. Tight Black Pants (live), Perkins Palace, Ca. (1981) 02:13  
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2. Butcher Baby (1980) 03:23   Show lyrics
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3. Sex Junkie (live), Perkins Palace, Ca. (1981) 03:10  
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4. A Pig Is a Pig (1981) 04:57   Show lyrics
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5. It's My Life (1984) 03:44   Show lyrics
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6. Hoy Hey (Live to Rock) (1986) 03:45  
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7. Goin' Wild (1986) 04:13  
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8. You're a Zombie (1987) 03:02   Show lyrics
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9. Propagators (1987) 03:22   Show lyrics
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10. Know W'am Sayin' (1988) 03:29  
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Considered the first Plasmatics Greatest Hits album.
Contains tracks from all of the band's (except for Coup d'Etat) and Wendy's solo records.
Originally released in 1988. In 2003, the album was re-released by indie label Powerage.

1-2) New Hope for the Wretched.
3-4) Beyond the Valley of 1984.
5) W.O.W. and the Reform School Girls Soundtrack.
6-7) Kommander of Kaos.
8-9) Maggots: The Record.
10) Deffest! and Baddest!

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