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With Vision

Place of Skulls

Release date:
September 23rd, 2003
Catalog ID:
Southern Lord Recordings
1 review (avg. 50%)
Side A
1. Last Hit 03:42   Show lyrics
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2. With Vision 06:08   Show lyrics
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3. Long Lost Grave 05:55   Show lyrics
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4. Dimensional Sojourn 02:49   instrumental
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Side B
5. In Rest 01:22   instrumental
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6. Silver Cord Breaks 05:23   Show lyrics
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7. Dissonant Dissident 01:53   instrumental
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8. The Monster 05:01   Show lyrics
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9. The Watchers 04:38   Show lyrics
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10. Lost 05:36   Show lyrics
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Tim Tomaselli Drums
Victor Griffin Guitars, Vocals
Greg Turley Bass
Scott "Wino" Weinrich Guitars, Vocals
Read Wino has been involved in... 50% Groops October 5th, 2006

Vinyl pressing information:
300 gold
700 black

CD bonus tracks:
3. Nothing Changes [5:02]
8. Willfully Blind [3:08]

Left: CD cover, right: LP cover.

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