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Phlegethon > Visio Dei Beatifica
Phlegethon - Visio Dei Beatifica
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Neutral Forest

Visio Dei Beatifica


Release date:
October 1989
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A
1. Intro - Endless Horse 01:18   instrumental
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2. The Brethren in Provenance 04:59  
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3. Sunset of Golgotha 04:36  
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4. Those That Are Sent Forth 06:41  
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5. Encapsulation of the Ark of the Covenant 09:56   Show lyrics
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6. Acrimonious Elysium 04:46  
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Lasse Pyykkö Drums
Teemu Hannonen Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Juha Tykkyläinen Guitars (lead), Bass
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- Regular paper xeroxed covers.
- Recorded on regular tapes.
- Lyrics on the back.

- "The Brethren in Provenance" is inspired by the book "Oraculo Manualy Arte de Prudencia" (1653) written by Baltasar Cracian (compiled by D. Vicencio Juan de Lastanosa).

- "Those That Are Sent Forth" (Al-Musalat) is based upon the Koran.

Recording information:

- Recorded and mixed on 26th-29th October 1989 in Tyrskytie 22, Joensuu.
- Produced by Phlegethon.

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