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Paul Chain / Fucktotum > Paul Chain / Fucktotum
Paul Chain / Fucktotum - Paul Chain / Fucktotum
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Paul Chain / Fucktotum

Paul Chain / Fucktotum

Release date:
May 5th, 1998
Catalog ID:
POE CD 004
Version desc.:
Maxi CD single split
Path of Experiences
None yet
1. Paul Chain - Glove and Sun 10:04  
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2. Fucktotum - Zingara 04:35  
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3. Fucktotum - Terzo piano 04:14  
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4. Fucktotum - Paura 03:15  
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Paul Chain
Paul Chain Guitars, Vocals
Alex Scardavian Bass
Danilo Savanas Drums
Mario "Broz" Mariani Keyboards
Sandra Silver Vocals (female)
Robert "J" Jacomucci Bass
Lux Spitfire Drums
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The split is also known as "Glove and Sun", but that is not the real title.

Paul Chain track released under name "Paul Chain - Experimental Information".
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