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Pagan Altar > Volume 1
Pagan Altar - Volume 1
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Volume 1

Pagan Altar

Release date:
February 1998
Catalog ID:
Oracle Records
2 reviews (avg. 92%)
1. Pagan Altar 07:20   Show lyrics
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2. In the Wake of Armadeus 04:11   Show lyrics
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3. Judgement of the Dead 07:46   Show lyrics
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4. The Black Mass 05:18   Show lyrics
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5. Night Rider 04:07   Show lyrics
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6. Acoustics 01:33   instrumental
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7. Reincarnation 08:44   Show lyrics
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Band members
Terry Jones Vocals, Lyrics
Alan Jones Guitars
Trevor Portch Bass
John Mizrahi Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Phil Hearne Producer
Terry Jones Vocals, Lyrics
Alan Jones Guitars
Trevor Portch Bass
John Mizrahi Drums
Phil Hearne Producer
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Read A NWOBHM gem unearthed!!! 94% Vic August 9th, 2002

All songs written between 1978 and 1981.
Lyrics by Terry Jones
Music by Alan Jones

A thematic album centered around magic/witchcraft and the occult.
The original title for the instrumental song "Acoustics" is "The Dance of the Banshee" and has been changed by the pressing plant of the CD for unknown reasons.

There exist a bootleg LP in 2 versions of this album, made in the USA in 1995 - first pressing with white sleeve limited to 100 copies and second pressing of 500 copies with black sleeve. They are of inferior sound quality and overall cheaply done.

Recording information:

Recorded at Pagan Studios, London 1982, but first released in 1998.
Remastered at Hiltongrove, London in 1998.

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