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Pactum > Ficción, Lujuria y Blasfemia
Pactum - Ficción, Lujuria y Blasfemia
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Ficción, Lujuria y Blasfemia


Release date:
Catalog ID:
AMCD 035
Avanzada Metálica
None yet
1. Yo Soy Dios 02:42  
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2. Parricidio 03:18  
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3. El Bunker 03:31  
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4. Eyaculando Sangre 02:00  
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5. Antiprocreación 04:20  
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6. Sadolesbianismo 02:47  
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7. Tu Infierno es mi Paraiso 02:38  
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8. Copulando con Cristo 03:03  
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9. Alaridos de Placer 02:39   Show lyrics
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10. Escupiendo la Biblia 02:07   Show lyrics
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11. La Ira de la Razón 01:46  
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This CD was released on 1992, under "Avanzada Metálica" label, and distributed by "Discos y Cassettes Phoenix".
The silver surfaced disc is the recent bootleg version of this CD. The "red disc" version is the only original pressing.

CURIOUS NOTE: The tracklist and lyrics were removed from the release's physical album, due to the aggressive lyrics.

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