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Ouroboros > Invoking the Past
Ouroboros - Invoking the Past
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Invoking the Past


Release date:
April 20th, 2013
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Digipak with A5 size booklet
Supremacy Through Intolerance
None yet
1. Lustful Whore  
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2. Rain of Fire  
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3. The Hammer Speaks  
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4. Christ’s Death/Sex, Drinks & Metal  
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5. Hymn to the Ancients  
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6. Invoking the Worm  
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7. The Dead Will Be Judged  
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8. Les Litanies des Satan  
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9. Astral Plains of Dimensions Unknown  
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10. Rifle Prayer  
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11. Glory of War  
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12. Praising of the Bomb Almighty  
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13. The Hammer Speaks (demo version)  
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Band members
Angelfukk Witchhammer Guitars, Vocals
Menschenfiend Bass, Vocals (backing)
Sabazios Diabolus Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Haasiophis Layout
Haasiophis Layout
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Tracks 1-4 from "The Hammer Speaks" (unreleased 10" MLP).
Tracks 5-12 from the "Invoking the Worm" demo.

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