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Soli Deo Gloria

Orden Ogan

Release date:
None yet
1. Chapter II (Prelude) 04:48  
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2. The Mystic Symphony 04:32  
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3. From High Above 06:44  
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4. The Journey (Interlude) 00:54  
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5. Angel's War 07:20  
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6. Omnia Est Mea Culpa (Epilogue For) 00:45  
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7. Dark Rain 07:52  
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8. To New Horizons II - Another Fading Sundown (Postlude) 03:52  
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9. Anthem to the Darkside 05:53  
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10. ...And My Tears Keep Falling 09:36  
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line up:

Sebastian Levermann: vocals & guitar
Marc Peters: guitar
Sebastian Severin : bass
Sebastian GrĂ¼tling: drums
Nora Schumann: flute
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