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Live Crematorations


Release date:
June 2011
Eternal Transmigration Records
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1. First Born of Sataninsam 02:36  
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2. God to the Strong, Master to the Slave 02:35  
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3. Liveration Through Shva Sadhana 03:43  
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4. Supplication to the Tower of Nihilifer 02:37  
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5. Samhara Tandava 01:16  
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6. Immersing into Kalagni 02:25  
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7. Pure Hate (Merciless cover) 03:10  
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8. Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer cover) 02:57  
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9. Necrocosmic Appirition 02:58  
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Vritra Ahi Bass
Skullbearer Guitars, Vocals
Mephistopheles Drums
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Recorded live in Dhaka in January 2011
Pro-Tape limited to 218 copies.
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