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To Elishia


Release date:
Catalog ID:
NR 013
Necropolis Records
1 review (avg. 99%)
1. A Cry from the Halls of Blood / Empire of Lost Dreams 02:26   Show lyrics
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2. A Lonely Ceremony / The Eternal Walk 05:29   Show lyrics
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3. Journey in Darkness / Entering the Forest 06:02   Show lyrics
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4. Castle of No Repair / From a Blackened Heart 04:41   Show lyrics
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5. Shores of Kaa-Ta-Nu / The Eternal Walk (Part II) 05:39   Show lyrics
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6. Nightfall of Mother Earth / Summer Distress 10:33   Show lyrics
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7. Enter the Darkest Thoughts of the Chosen / Agony's Silent Paradise 07:25   Show lyrics
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8. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover) 03:15   Show lyrics
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9. Sacrifice (Bathory cover) 03:49   Show lyrics
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10. I Summon Thee Father / Death Embrace Me 02:12   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
It Producer, Mixing
M. Bohlin Mixing
It Producer, Mixing
M. Bohlin Mixing
Read Tunes to the dark huntress... 99% Danthrax_Nasty April 11th, 2007

NR 013

Re-mixed at Helvete Studios by M. Bohlin & IT
All songs produced by IT

There are five different line ups on here:
I -
Guitars, talk, and whisper: It
Drums: Winter
Bass: Mourning
Vocals: All
Guitars, bass, whispers, and vocals: It
Guitars: Rob
Drums: Winter
Female voices: Aras and Veronica
Guitars - It
Drums - Winter
Bass - Mourning
Vocals - All
Guitars: It
Drums: Winter
Bass: Night
Vocals: Legion
Guitars: It
Drums: Winter
Bass: Mourning
Vocals: It

Line up I tracks 1, 4, 5, 10 -A Long Journey demo version, 1991
Line up II track 2 - very first recording with the band, 1990
Line up III track 3 - old rehearsal recording, 1991
Line up IV tracks 6, 8, 9 - rehearsal tracks, 1994
Line up V track 5 - Journey to Darkness promo tape version, 1992


Barcode: 7 9265-80013-23
Matrix Code (Mirrored): DISCTRONICS S NR 013 01
Mastering SID Code (Mirrored): IFPI L205
Mould SID Code: IFPI 8706

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