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The Calling

Operatika Element

Release date:
October 24th, 2008
Catalog ID:
Scarlet Records
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1. Intro 00:36   instrumental
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2. Gladiator 03:35   Show lyrics
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3. Tears of the Sun 06:32   Show lyrics
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4. Dark Horizon 05:19   Show lyrics
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5. Ice Queen 03:46   Show lyrics
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6. Life Saving Flame 04:22   Show lyrics
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7. No. 3/23 in A Minor 02:04   instrumental
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8. Mask in the Mirror 04:56   Show lyrics
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9. Secrets of the Past 06:39   Show lyrics
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10. The Storm 00:46   instrumental
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11. The Calling 06:14   Show lyrics
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12. Last Quest 06:40   Show lyrics
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Band members
Yuri Liakhovitch Drums
Bill Visser Guitars, Vocals
Anna Dok Keyboards
Slava Popova Vocals
Mike LePond Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Alexandra V Bach Artwork
Yuri Liakhovitch Drums
Bill Visser Guitars, Vocals
Anna Dok Keyboards
Slava Popova Vocals
Read Symphonic and...more... 67% Empyreal January 17th, 2009

Slava Popova - Vocals
Bill Visser - Guitars
Diego - Bass
Anna - Keyboards
Yuri Liakhovitch - Drums

All music by Bill Visser
All lyrics by Slava Popova
All songs arranged and produced by Operatika

All guitars, bass and keyboards (except track 1) recorded by Bill Visser at Dreamworld Studios 2007-2008;
All vocals, intro, and drums on track 7 recorded by Joseph Borges at Future Starz/Broccoli Rabe Studios 2007-2008;
All drums (except track 7) recorded by Eric Kvortek at Trax East Studios 2006-2007;
Mixed and mastered by Joseph Borges at FutureStarz/Broccoli Rabe Studios (July/August 2008);

Artwork by Alexandra V Bach (
Booklet design by Alexandra V Bach & Yuri Liakhovitch
Cover artwork model: Amber Gangi (
Cover artwork photographer: Marcus J. Ranum
Band photography: Iris Chalit

Bonus track for Japan:
13. Dreamworld

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