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Open Tomb > Servants of Slow
Open Tomb - Servants of Slow
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Servants of Slow

Open Tomb

Release date:
August 26th, 2013
Catalog ID:
Dry Cough Records
None yet
1. Despair 15:02  
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2. Life Fucker 05:39  
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3. Monday Leviathan 07:24  
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4. Damned to Forgive 05:23  
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5. Off with His Hands 07:25  
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6. Hostile Womb 08:40  
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7. Blood and Flies 06:27  
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Tracks 1-4 recorded in October 2011, originally released as Self Titled CDR
Tracks 5-6 recorded in October 2011 and were the original mixes for the split w/Meth Drinker and do not feature Kurt on guitar.
Track 7 recorded June 2013 and is unreleased.

Released on tape, limited to 75 copies.

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