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Ontogeny > Discord and Disillusion
Ontogeny - Discord and Disillusion
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Discord and Disillusion


Release date:
September 2nd, 2011
None yet
1. Mirror within Mirror 04:58  
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2. Discord 07:42   Show lyrics
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3. ... 03:20  
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4. Disillusion 08:31  
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5. Truth in Worth 04:41  
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6. Rings of a Dead World 05:19  
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7. The Wall Between Worlds 05:53  
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8. Eyeless Intrusion 07:19  
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9. Instrumental 08:12   instrumental
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Sam Zuerner Bass, Vocals
Keith Grimshaw Drums
Nate Vennarucci Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Chazz McConnell Vocals, Synths
Mica Maniac Vocals
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This is a digital only release
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