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Of the Wand & the Moon > 1998-2003 Algiz / Hagal
Of the Wand & the Moon - 1998-2003 Algiz / Hagal
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1998-2003 Algiz / Hagal

Of the Wand & the Moon

Boxed set
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Prophecy Productions
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1. Nighttime Nightrhymes  
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2. Emptiness:Emptiness:Emptiness  
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3. Lucifer  
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4. Algiz  
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5. Hagal  
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This hand-numbered and lavish deluxe box set contains :Of the Wand & the Moon:’s three studio albums so far for the first time on vinyl. In addition to the albums "Nighttime Nightrhymes“, ":emptiness:emptiness:emptiness“ and "Lucifer“, which are issued on heavy vinyl, "1998–2003 Algiz Hagal“ contains two exclusive digipak CDs which are only available in this box set. The CD “Algiz” features rare and unreleased tracks from 1998–2003, while the “Hagal” CD contains live recordings from :Of the Wand & the Moon:’s gigs at the HauRuck! festival in Vienna 2002 and at the Magnifiosi Club in the Netherlands. Every tenth box set additionally includes a signed photo of Kim Larsen.

Algiz tracklisting:
1. "Gal Anda (Previously unreleased version)"
2. "I Crave for You (Version featuring Matt Howden from I Crave for You 7")"
3. "In a Robe of Fire (Acoustic version from I Crave For You 7")"
4. "Sol Ek Sa (Previously unreleased version)"
5. "My Devotion Will Never Fade (Version from Lichttaufe 2 Comp.)"
6. "Lost in Emptiness (Version from My Black Fate 7")"
7. "She With Whom Compar'd the Alpes are Vallies (Version from Bringing Light & Darkness split 12")"

Hagal tracklisting:
1. "Raven Chant (Live in Austria)"
2. "Gal Anda (Live in Austria)"
3. "Lost in Emptiness (Live in the Netherlands)"
4. "Silver Rain (Live in the Netherlands)"
5. "I Crave for You (Live in the Netherlands)"
6. "Lion Serpent Sun (Live in the Netherlands)"

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