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Affascino Diabolus Satanas

Odium Malum

Release date:
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Okkullt Darkness Records
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1. Mrzim Isusa 03:25  
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2. Smrad Islamskog Boga 02:28  
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3. Crucify The Homosexual God 02:39  
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4. Total Reign Of Satan 03:36  
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5. Jesus Christ...Feeble Cunt 02:27  
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6. Burn Holy Book And Pray For Satan 01:00  
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7. Nazarene Scum 04:00  
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Band members
Satanic Warlord Guitars, Drums
Goatt Krist Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Goatt Krist Lyrics
Satanic Warlord Guitars, Drums
Goatt Krist Vocals
Goatt Krist Lyrics
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CD-R comes in DVD box, limited to 616 copies.

Recorded and mixed in "Malum Infinitas" studio between 8-10 of September, 2009.

Translation of “Affascino Diabolus Satanas“ on english means “Possessed by Satan“
Odium Malum logo on front side by Vozd Jovan Pogani
Front art-work by famous painter G. Dore
Front art-work composition by Knjaz AlekSS

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