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O.B.E.Y. > Romance of Misanthropy
O.B.E.Y. - Romance of Misanthropy
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Romance of Misanthropy


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1. Anger/Hunger 03:33  
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2. Play to Kill Straight Away 05:01  
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3. I Hate You More Than You Will Ever Know 03:08  
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4. The Yelling 08:12  
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5. The Letter to the Horned One 04:18  
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6. Learn Not to Pray 04:57  
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7. Romance of Misanthropy 07:13  
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According to the band's post on their Facebook page, Romance of Misanthropy "had never been officially released before 2012 Demonhood Productions's exclusive LP release... and may not will be re-released again. Since 2006, all these CDRs were just sent to people who had an interest in digging for underground music and asking about official release. All CDRs were sent for free (people just payed for postal expenses)."

2012 vinyl release by Demonhood Productions limited to 500 copies, black vinyl in reverse print jacket and printed inner sleeve, 100 copies hand-numbered special edition including glossy A3 art print.

Cover art:
top - CDr
bottom - vinyl

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