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Eternal Winter Domain


Release date:
September 3rd, 2003
Catalog ID:
SP SN 5/6
Sacral Productions
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1. A Winter Chant 01:48   Show lyrics
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2. King of the Hills 05:52   Show lyrics
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3. Riding Majestic Crests 07:39   Show lyrics
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4. Thunderhymn 05:38   Show lyrics
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5. Blood and Steel 05:40   Show lyrics
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6. Eclipse over the Shadowed Land 05:30   Show lyrics
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7. Eternal Winter Domain 08:26   Show lyrics
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8. The Call of Mother Earth 06:03   Show lyrics
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9. Heart of the Woods 05:27   Show lyrics
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10. Shores Afire 03:39  
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Band members
Nesh Bass
Eric "Stig" Tabourier Drums
Richard "Hingard" Loudin Vocals, Guitars
Loïc Courtete (aka Kraban) Guitars
Hollgarh Guitars (acoustic)
Hollgarh Guitars (acoustic)
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Recorded & Produced by Nydvind - 2003

Release Line up :
Richard Loudin : Vocals, Choirs, Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Drums prog.
Loïc Courtete : Guitars, Backing Vocals
Olivier Sans : Bass

Session Members :
Loïc Cellier : 12 Strings Acoustic Guitars

Rereleased as a digipack by Adipocere Records in April 2006 with the following bonus tracks:
11. Empire of Frost
12. Invocation to the Morningstar
13. I the Exile

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