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When Suffering Comes

Num Skull

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Defiled Records
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1. Eyes of a Madman 03:24  
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2. The Gift of Hate 02:32  
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3. Mercitron 02:43  
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4. In Sickness 03:19  
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5. Spill Your Guts 06:33  
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6. As the Dead Pile High 03:10  
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7. Inquisition of the Guilty 03:43  
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8. Force Fed Lies 02:59  
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9. Buried Alive (Venom cover) 04:26   Show lyrics
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Num Skull's first studio album since 1988 (not counting the 1991 album Future - Our Terror since it has never been seen in the light of day)!

Sometime after this album was released, Num Skull were just about broken up, because of the members being involved with their side projects. The band previously broke up in 1991, because of the same problem as after this album.

Produced by Chris Djuricic & Num Skull.
Executive producer: Defiled Records
Recorded & mixed at Djuricic Studios, Racine, WI.
Mixed by Chris Djuricic & Num Skull
All artwork and background photography by Sean C. Carr except for the Num Skull logo by Scott Creekmore.

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