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Spell of Noise


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Scratch Records
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1. On the Run 04:08   Show lyrics
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2. Fever 03:43   Show lyrics
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3. The City's Gonna Burn 04:00   Show lyrics
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4. Hot For Livin' 02:35   Show lyrics
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5. I Would Die for You 04:54   Show lyrics
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6. Back to Rock 03:54   Show lyrics
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7. Metal Lover 04:28   Show lyrics
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8. Straight Shooter 03:13   Show lyrics
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9. I'm on Fire 03:36   Show lyrics
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Matthias Nicklas Bass, Vocals (backing)
Ronny Lewandowski Drums, Vocals (backing)
Erwin Perle Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Hanny Vasiliadis Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
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Remaster Bonus Tracks:
10. Bad Boys Gone Dirty
11. In the City
12. Too Young to Die
13. Looking Out for No One
14. Ruler of the Dark
15. Worlds Attack
16. I Want Your Body
17. Restless
18. Girl Don't Mind
19. Dancing Fingers

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