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Recordings 89-91

Nirvana 2002

Release date:
November 10th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Relapse Records
4 reviews (avg. 83%)
1. Mourning 03:55   Show lyrics
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2. Slumber 04:06   Show lyrics
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3. Zombiefication 02:40   Show lyrics
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4. The Awakening of... 03:17   Show lyrics
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5. Further Beyond 02:25   Show lyrics
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6. Snake 03:36   Show lyrics
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7. Physical Excursion / Truth and Beauty 01:59   Show lyrics
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8. Brutality 02:24   Show lyrics
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9. The Awakening of... 03:15   Show lyrics
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10. Watch the River Flow 02:52  
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11. In Fell Tongues 03:14  
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12. Mourning (live) 04:12   Show lyrics
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13. Slumber 04:01   Show lyrics
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14. Zombiefication 02:37   Show lyrics
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15. The Awakening of... 03:16   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
Necrolord Artwork
Alf Svensson Artwork
Jacob Speis Layout
Putz Weck Mastering
Orvar Säfström Mixing
Necrolord Artwork
Alf Svensson Artwork
Jacob Speis Layout
Putz Weck Mastering
Orvar Säfström Mixing
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It features everything recorded by the band except 4 tracks:
2 live songs from the 2007 gig because are almost unlistenable.
The alternative versions of ‘Mourning’ and ‘Snake’ with new vocals (different lyrics) recorded in August 1991 because the original tapes are ruined and no copies have been found.
‘Krishna Extrema’ is not included deliberately because is not really a song, but only a vocal joke.

Track 1: "Projections of a Stained Mind" compilation 1990
Tracks 2-4: "Disembodied Spirits" demo '90 (2009 mix)
Tracks 5-6: "Promo '91"
Tracks 7-8: "Excursions in the 2002nd Dimension" demo '89
Tracks 9-10: Rehearsal 1990
Track 11: Rehearsal 1991
Track 12: Live at Kafè 44, Jan 2007
Tracks 13-15: "Disembodied Spirits" demo '90 (original mix)

A bootleg CDR "The Awakening of..." with only 8 tracks appeared various times on ebay since 2007:
It was homemade by the seller himself from bad quality tapes and using logo and photo lifted from the Metal Archives; it pretended to be limited to 666 copies: Lies. Avoid it.

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