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Wish I Had an Angel


Release date:
September 22nd, 2004
Nuclear Blast
1 review (avg. 79%)
1. Wish I Had An Angel 04:08   Show lyrics
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2. Ghost Love Score (Score) 10:46   instrumental
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3. Where Were You Last Night 03:53   Show lyrics
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4. Wish I Had An Angel (Demo version) 04:08   Show lyrics
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Read Completist Fodder, but good. 79% hells_unicorn December 20th, 2007
Enhanced part contains a photo slideshow and a screensaver.

Promo version of this single, labelled 'Radio & Club Single' contains an edit version of the song 'Wish I had an Angel' (03:46). The artwork on the promo is a mirrored version of the normal artwork.

Also released on 10" gatefold vinyl.

DVD version comes with "Wish I Had An Angel" video-clip and its making of, gallery of photos and wallpapers.

1. Wish I Had An Angel (Album version) 04:08
2. Wish I Had An Angel (Radio edit)* 03:46
3. Ghost Love Score (Score) 10:46
4. Where Were You Last Night (Ankie Bagger cover) 03:53
5. Wish I Had An Angel (Demo version)

Another version of this DVD includes the regular CD single of "Wish I Had An Angel". The DVD has the following tracklist:

1. Wish I Had An Angel (video clip)
2. Ghost Love Score (audio track)
3. The Making of "Wish I Had An Angel"
4. Wish I Had An Angel (performance version (video clip))

* this version only appeared on the promotional single version, dubbed "Radio and Club Single"
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