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Nightwish > Erämaan viimeinen
Nightwish - Erämaan viimeinen
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Erämaan viimeinen


Release date:
December 5th, 2007
Catalog ID:
Spinefarm Records
2 reviews (avg. 70%)
1. Erämaan viimeinen 05:10   Show lyrics
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2. Erämaan viimeinen 05:40   instrumental
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Band members
Emppu Vuorinen Guitars
Tuomas Holopainen Keyboards
Jukka Nevalainen Drums
Marco Hietala Bass
Jonsu Vocals
Troy Donockley Uilleann pipes
Jonsu Vocals
Troy Donockley Uilleann pipes
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'Erämaan viimeinen' is 'Last of the Wilds' from the "Dark Passion Play" album with Finnish lyrics sung by Jonsu (Johanna Salomaa), the singer of Finnish rock band Indica.

The instrumental version of 'Erämaan viimeinen' is almost identical to the original song, 'Last of the Wilds', because that song originally is an instrumental. The biggest difference however, are the 'stormy samples' you can hear at the very beginning of 'Last of the Wilds', they are absent in the instrumental version of 'Erämaan viimeinen'.

Re-released in special edition form by Nuclear Blast Records in 2010. This version was included with the Metal Hammer magazine and includes an extra track (plus instrumental version):
3. Escapist (04:59)
4. Escapist (04:57) (instrumental)

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