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Release date:
August 31st, 2007
Catalog ID:
Nuclear Blast
None yet
1. Amaranth - video clip 5.1 03:54   Show lyrics
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2. Amaranth - video clip 2.0 03:54   Show lyrics
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3. Amaranth - Making of 46:31  
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4. While Your Lips Are Still Red (Theme from "Lieksa!") - bonus video clip 2.0 04:26   Show lyrics
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5. Amaranth 03:57   Show lyrics
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6. Reach (Amaranth Demo) 03:59   Show lyrics
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7. Eva 04:28   instrumental
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8. While Your Lips Are Still Red 04:19   Show lyrics
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9. Amaranth 03:51   instrumental
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10. Eva (Demo) 04:17  
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Tracks 5-10 are on audio side. Some versions omit the audio side. There's also a promo version with only the music video of the title track.

"While Your Lips are Still Red" is featured in the Finnish film "LIEKSA!". A video was shot for it as well. The song has only Marco Hietala on vocals.

'Reach' and 'Eva (Demo)' only have Marco Hietala on vocals too.

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