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Rex Ex Ordine Throni

Demo 2004


Release date:
None yet
1. The Void 08:34  
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2. Mors Philosophorum 04:59  
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3. The Dark and the Silence 08:22  
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4. Vir Sapiens Dominabitur Astris 08:54  
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5. Scorn of the Enlightened 07:56  
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6. Oblivion's Descent 03:52  
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7. Womb of Nyx (Rough Mix Sample) 05:54  
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8. The Womb of Nyx 08:54  
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9. The Nascent Gates of Twilight and Dawn 07:12  
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10. The Fest of the Manes 07:42  
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Naas Alcameth Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics, Bass
Ophis Guitars, Lyrics
Nox Corvus Guitars, Drums
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Unreleased and VERY limited '04 demo. Only a few copies were ever handed out, and only to "close" friends of the band. Your humble submitter got his copy from none other than ChristButcher himself.
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