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A Sun That Never Sets


Release date:
November 12th, 2002
Relapse Records
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1. Erode 01:50  
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2. The Tide 08:48   Show lyrics
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3. From the Hill 09:26   Show lyrics
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4. A Sun That Never Sets 05:00   Show lyrics
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5. Falling Unknown 13:11   Show lyrics
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6. From Where Its Roots Run 03:42   Show lyrics
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7. Crawl Back in 06:51   Show lyrics
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8. Watchfire 08:26   Show lyrics
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9. Resound 01:26  
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10. Stones from the Sky 09:45   Show lyrics
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Dave Edwardson Bass, additional vocals
Jason Roeder Drums
Steve Von Till Guitar, Vocals
Scott Kelly Vocals, Guitar
Noah Landis Keyboards
Read Weirdest thing EVA. 50% caspian February 7th, 2007
Features a music video for every song from the Neurosis album of the same name (A Sun That Never Sets, 2001). Also includes exclusive Tribes Of Neurot tracks (the experimental alter-ego of Neurosis).

The full release title is "A Sun That Never Sets/A Resonant Sun".

'A Resonant Sun' is an experiment inspired by Alvin Lucier. The Original 'A Sun That Never Sets' was copied to tape, played in a room through a stereo pair of amplified speakers and recorded onto a second tape machine.
This recording was then played back on the second tape machine and re-recorded on the original tape machine. This process was repeated upto 30 times.

"A Resonant Sun" tracklisting (by Tribes Of Neurot):
01. Erode (2 Repetitions)
02. The Tide (3 Repetitions)
03. From The Hill (4 Repetitions)
04. A Sun That Never Sets (6 Repetitions)
05. Falling Unknown (8 Repetitions)
06. From Where Its Roots Run (10 Repetitions)
07. Crawl Back In (12 Repetitions)
08. Watchfire (15 Repetitions)
09. Resound (20 Repetitions)
10. Stones From The Sky (30 Repetitions)
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