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Tour EP 2003


Release date:
Hammerheart Records
None yet
1. Before the Dawn 04:20   Show lyrics
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2. Spawned by Evil 03:22   Show lyrics
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3. Into Armageddon 04:38   Show lyrics
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4. Dreams Shall Flesh 05:19   Show lyrics
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5. Die by the Sword (Slayer cover) 03:21   Show lyrics
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6. Nightmare (Venom cover) 03:28   Show lyrics
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7. Enter the Eternal Fire (Bathory cover) 06:35   Show lyrics
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8. Ridden with Disease (Autopsy cover) 04:37   Show lyrics
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9. Moonchild (Iron Maiden cover) 04:40   Show lyrics
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CD limited to 1000 copies.

Track 1 from "The Nocturnal Silence" album.
Track 2 from "Darkside" album.
Track 3 from "The Third Antichrist" album.
Track 4 from "Bloodhymns" album.
Track 5 from "Spawned By Evil" EP and "Slatanic Slaughter" compilation.
Track 6 from "Spawned By Evil" EP.
Track 7 from "Spawned By Evil" EP and "In Conspiracy with Satan" compilation.
Track 8 from "A Black Mark Tribute" compilation.
Track 9 from "A Black Mark Tribute Vol.II" and "A Tribute to the Beast Vol. 2" compilations.
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