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Apocalyptic Nightmare


Release date:
3 reviews (avg. 73%)
1. The Ancient Ones 06:42  
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2. Apocalyptic Nightmare 06:32  
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3. The Following Century (Darkland II) 06:22  
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4. Rhetorical Dictums 05:16  
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5. In Memory 05:50  
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6. Broken Illusions 05:38  
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7. Retributive Strike 06:01  
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Read Sorcery surplus, or 'dead... 67% autothrall January 13th, 2011
Read Raw, primitive thrash metal 78% Mungo May 6th, 2007
Read Blue collar Thrash Metal 75% Wirthormentor March 19th, 2007
Released on CD by Kraze Records in 1991, swapping the sides of the vinyl, so that the album opens with "Rhetorical Dictums" and ends with "The Following Century (Darkland II)".

Reissued by Battle Cry on January 8, 2007, restoring the original running order.

Re-released by Warhymns Records in 2013.
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