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The Rite of Evil


Release date:
January 2011
Catalog ID:
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1. The Rite of Evil 05:37  
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2. Black Cult Slaughter 04:12  
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3. Goat Celebration 03:26  
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4. Operation Gommorah 04:14  
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5. (We Are) Conqueror and Destroyer 07:51  
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6. Satanic Blood (Von cover) 02:19  
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Kaarpath Bass, Vocals
Bestial Desekrator Guitars
Exekvtion Guitars, Vocals
Jesus Krieg Drums, Vocals, Lyrics
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Tape pro cover.

This demo was recorded in February 2009 and was intended to be Evynkar's second release. Rimmon (drummer) didn't play on it. Therefore the drums and the majority of the vocals have been recorded by Jesus Krieg (who also did most of the lyrics).

Then in early 2010, Jesus Krieg left Evynkar, and after a few months the remaining members changed their name to Necroblood and released this demo which is Evynkar's recording as it was done under the original line-up.

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