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JetNoise Records
1 review (avg. 62%)
1. Тени Ночи 03:07   Show lyrics
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2. Сила Ветра 05:55   Show lyrics
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3. Неизбежность 04:57   Show lyrics
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4. Пленя Заблудшие Огни 03:09   Show lyrics
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5. Волки 03:33   Show lyrics
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6. На пороге 03:20   Show lyrics
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7. Облака 05:23   Show lyrics
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8. Как быть мне здесь 03:14   Show lyrics
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9. Путь забвения 02:42   Show lyrics
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10. Птица-душа 04:39   Show lyrics
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11. Облик твой 07:34   Show lyrics
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Masha "Scream" Vocals
Sergey "Lazar" Atrashkevich Vocals, Guitars, Samples
Read Where Little Lady... 62% Sean16 July 26th, 2009

Неизбежность means "Inevitability" in English.

Song titles in English:
1. Shadows of the Night
2. Power of Wind
3. Inevitability
4. Capturing Lost Blazes
5. Wolves
6. At the Threshold
7. Clouds
8. How Should I Be Here
9. Path of Oblivion
10. Soulbird
11. Your Appearance

This album style is gothic metal, not ambient/black.

Re-released in 2009 by Vic Records as a bonus CD to Аркона's Jizn' Vo Slavu live album.

There's a hidden song "На Дальней Станции Сойду" after "Your Appearance", making the total length of this track 7:34.

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