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Nargathrond > Неизбежность
Nargathrond - Неизбежность
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JetNoise Records
1 review (avg. 62%)
1. Тени ночи 03:07   Show lyrics
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2. Сила ветра 05:55   Show lyrics
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3. Неизбежность 04:57   Show lyrics
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4. Пленя заблудшие огни 03:09   Show lyrics
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5. Волки 03:33   Show lyrics
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6. На пороге 03:20   Show lyrics
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7. Облака 05:23   Show lyrics
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8. Как быть мне здесь 03:14   Show lyrics
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9. Путь забвения 02:42   Show lyrics
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10. Птица-душа 04:39   Show lyrics
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11. Облик твой 07:34   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ruslan "Kniaz" Bass
Vladymir "Artist" Lyovushkin Sokolov Drums
Sergei "Flint" Guitars (solo)
Masha "Scream" Vocals
Sergey "Lazar" Atrashkevich Vocals, Guitars, Samples
Miscellaneous staff
Anna Blok Photography
Alexander Novikov Design
Anna Blok Photography
Alexander Novikov Design
Read Where Little Lady... 62% Sean16 July 26th, 2009

Неизбежность means "Inevitability" in English.

Song titles in English:
1. Shadows of the Night
2. Power of Wind
3. Inevitability
4. Capturing Lost Blazes
5. Wolves
6. At the Threshold
7. Clouds
8. How Should I Be Here
9. Path of Oblivion
10. Soulbird
11. Your Appearance

This album style is gothic metal, not ambient/black.

Re-released in 2009 by Vic Records as a bonus CD to Аркона's Jizn' Vo Slavu live album.

There's a hidden song "На Дальней Станции Сойду" after "Your Appearance", making the total length of this track 7:34.

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