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Nargaroth > Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare
Nargaroth - Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare
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Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare


Release date:
March 26th, 2011
Catalog ID:
NC 162
No Colours Records
4 reviews (avg. 69%)
1. Odin's Weeping for Jördh 06:41   instrumental
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2. An Indifferent Cold in the Womb of Eve 06:26   Show lyrics
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3. Diving Among the Daughters of the Sea 05:19   instrumental
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4. Odin's Weeping for Jördh - Part II 02:08   instrumental
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5. Journey Through My Cosmic Cells (The Negation of God) 10:03   instrumental
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6. A Whisper Underneath the Bark of Old Trees 10:36   Show lyrics
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7. Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare 10:37   Show lyrics
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8. March of the Tyrants 06:16   instrumental
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Ash Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Charoon Guitars
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Released as A6 Digi-CD (unlimited), as A5 Digi-CD (limited to 1000 copies) and as Gatefold amber Double LP, and Gatefolder Double LP: Blue splatter, Red splatter, and black (each one, limited to 100 copies.) with five bonus tracks:

9. Roaming Through the Realm of Hel [6:21]
10. The Daemons of Happiness [4:13]
11. Through Nebular Dimensions of Fallen Eden [6:23]
12. Forgotten Memory of a Dying Dream [5:19]
13. Passed Away [6:16]

Tape edition by Metal Throne Productions, limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

Spoken parts in "A Whisper Underneath the Bark of Old Trees" are taken from the film "M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder", 1931 film by Fritz Lang.

Track 7 appears on the Compilation CD/TAPE "Cold Northern Blood/Cold Black Metal" 2012 at Cold Norther Blood (Canada) along with Moloch, Pagan Hellfire, Lascowiec, Forest of Doom, Zwartplaag, Svetovid, and others

The cover artwork was made by Albrecht Dürer "Melencolia I" (1513-1514)

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