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Nachtfalke > Hail Victory Teutonia
Nachtfalke - Hail Victory Teutonia
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Doomed to Die
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Doomed to Die

Hail Victory Teutonia


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Christhunt Productions
1 review (avg. 90%)
1. Ode to the Fallen One 10:34   Show lyrics
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2. Searched and Found 07:41   Show lyrics
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3. Asgard Riders 03:04  
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4. War in Asgard 08:08   Show lyrics
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5. Man of Iron (Bathory cover) 02:23   Show lyrics
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6. Warrior's Nightmare 07:24   Show lyrics
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7. Vikingdance (Under the Flag of Odin's Son) 02:16  
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8. To Honour Wotan 13:45   Show lyrics
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9. Nordic Warriors 06:49   Show lyrics
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10. Hail Teutonia 12:19   Show lyrics
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11. You're So Wrong (Black Widow cover) 03:36  
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Occulta Mors All instruments, Vocals
Read Nachtfalke - Hail Victory... 90% vorfeed May 11th, 2004

Music and lyrics: Occulta Mors
Except ''Man of Iron'' by Bathory
''You're so Wrong'' by Black Widow
To Honour Wotan lyrics by Hugin
Nordic Warriors lyrics Jan B.

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