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1. Intro 01:18  
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2. The Rest 04:53  
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3. Wintermass 04:56  
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4. Mourning 04:11  
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5. Father Beyond 04:11  
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6. Forces of Darkness 04:10  
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7. Outro 00:59  
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Robin Bass, Drum Programming
Cerastes Vocals, Guitars
Ravn Vocals, Guitars
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There are possibly as many as three different versions of this demo; the first of which was released when they were called Sabazios.

Later versions - if any - were released after they had changed their name to Mysticum.

This is the correct track list. Do NOT add the track list taken from the demo with the front cover image featuring a knight on a horse. That is NOT - as many mistakenly believe based on the incorrect info on the band's website and other sources - the Wintermass demo, but rather a self-titled (or untitled) demo compilation released after their second demo. That tape has selected tracks from both demos (see that entry).

Outro may or may not be listed on the cover art as a separate track - it was not listed on the Sabazios version.

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