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In the Streams of Inferno


Release date:
Full Moon Productions
2 reviews (avg. 97%)
1. Industries of Inferno 01:14   instrumental
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2. The Rest 04:32  
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3. Let the Kingdom Come 04:59  
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4. Wintermass 05:50  
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5. Crypt of Fear 06:17   Show lyrics
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6. Where the Raven Flies 04:18  
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7. In Your Grave 03:43  
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8. In the Last of the Ruins We Search for a New Planet 05:42  
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Band members
Robin Malmberg Bass, Drum Programming
Prime Evil Vocals, Guitars
Cerastes Vocals, Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Anders G. Offenberg, Jr. Producer, Engineering
Robin Malmberg Bass, Drum Programming
Prime Evil Vocals, Guitars
Cerastes Vocals, Guitars
Anders G. Offenberg, Jr. Producer, Engineering
Read Ugly, industrial, grey,... 100% PhantomMullet November 10th, 2011
Read “With my Master the Devil... 94% Apteronotus June 16th, 2011
Originally had a working title "Serpent Mysticism" and later "Where the Raven Flies".

Recorded at Bondi Lydstudio, mastered at Nashville Compact Disc.

Mysticum was originally signed to Deathlike Silence to release their first album that was entitled "Where the Raven Flies", but due to Euronymous' untimely death it was never released by him.

CD release in 1996 by Full Moon Productions, limited to 3000 copies.

Re-released in the same year by the same label, with different cover artwork. No booklet included, just a two-panel cardboard insert. Tracks 5 & 6 are errornously switched on the tracklist. Limitation unknown.

CD/DPCD released in 2004 by Avantgarde Music with a bonus track; "Eriaminell" (4:37), limitation unknown.

LP released in 2004 by Cryptia Productions with a poster, 200 on red vinyl and 500 on black vinyl, limited to 700 copies.

Re-released by Peaceville Records on February 25th, 2013 in both CD/DVD and Vinyl (white) formats. Two bonus tracks were included:
9. Eriaminel (4:37)
10. Black Magic Mushrooms (4:26)
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