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The Angel and the Dark River

My Dying Bride

Release date:
May 22nd, 1995
Catalog ID:
Peaceville Records
11 reviews (avg. 88%)
1. The Cry of Mankind 12:13   Show lyrics
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2. From Darkest Skies 07:48   Show lyrics
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3. Black Voyage 09:46   Show lyrics
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4. A Sea to Suffer In 06:31   Show lyrics
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5. Two Winters Only 09:01   Show lyrics
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6. Your Shameful Heaven 06:59   Show lyrics
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Band members
Aaron Stainthorpe Vocals
Andrew Craighan Guitars
Calvin Robertshaw Guitars
Adrian "Ade" Jackson Bass
Martin Powell Violin, Keyboards
Rick Miah Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Mags Engineering, Producer
Mayking Mastering
Aaron Cover art, Photography
Mags Engineering, Producer
Mayking Mastering
Aaron Cover art, Photography
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The American release by Futurist and the limited edition digipak released by Peaceville included a bonus track:
7. The Sexuality of Bereavement [8:04]

Reissued in 1996 by Fierce and Peaceville with new cover art (a black background and a larger version of the center image) including "The Sexuality of Bereavement" and a bonus disc, Live at the Dynamo '95:
1. Your River [8:13]
2. A Sea to Suffer In [6:21]
3. Your Shameful Heaven [6:21]
4. The Forever People [4:52]

Released on picture disc vinyl with no sleeve in 1997, limited to 500 copies.

Reissued by Peaceville in 2001 and Soyuz in 2002, restoring the original cover art and track list.

Remastered and reissued in 2003 by Peaceville as a single disc digipak (using the black version of the cover) with four bonus tracks, including "The Sexuality of Bereavement" and Live at the Dynamo '95, excluding "Your Shameful Heaven" which appeared on that year's reissue of Turn Loose the Swans.

Reissued in 2010 by Peaceville in a super jewel box CD/DVD package, with entirely new cover art. The CD is the same as the 2003 reissue and the DVD is For Darkest Eyes.

A video was made for (a heavily edited version of) "The Cry of Mankind".

Released on cassette by Metal Mind Productions.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Academy Studios Dec/Jan '94/'95.
Co-produced by My Dying Bride.

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