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Immortal Force


Release date:
May 1987
Catalog ID:
COG 006
Cogumelo Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
6 reviews (avg. 81%)
Side A
1. Memorial Stone Without a Name 06:31   Show lyrics
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2. Blood Storm 04:21   Show lyrics
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3. Butcher 03:12   Show lyrics
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4. War Dogs 05:07   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Mutilator 04:35   Show lyrics
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6. Brigade of Hate 03:56   Show lyrics
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7. Immortal Force 03:55   Show lyrics
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8. Tormented Soul 03:13   Show lyrics
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9. Paranoic Command 03:43   Show lyrics
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Alexander "Magoo" (R.I.P. 1997) Guitars
Kleber Vocals, Guitars
Ricardo Neves Bass
Rodrigo Neves Drums
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Read More Violence from Brazil! 85% CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8 April 30th, 2008
Read Raw Thrash from Brazil!!!! 85% XHARATHORN May 7th, 2003

Remastered and reissued on CD in 2003 by Cogumelo, including two bonus tracks:
10. Evil Conspiracy
11. Visions of Darkness
These are taken from the Grave Desecration demo and feature Silvio SDN on vocals.

Also bootlegged on CD by Remember Forever Records without the bonus tracks.

Picture LP version by Mutilation Records.

Re-released on vinyl by Osmose Productions in 2014, 350 grams outercover, printed inner sleeve, 180 grams vinyl black or clear.

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