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In Harmony with the Universe


Release date:
June 1st, 1995
Catalog ID:
MMP 002
Version desc.:
jewel case
Morbid Madness
None yet
1. Aliens - Contact with High Intelligence 03:40  
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2. Ice in My Heart 03:41  
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3. Epsilon Civilization 2013 00:51  
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4. Spirit of Unknown Being 02:07  
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5. To Wisdom Coming from the Cosmic Space 05:49  
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6. In Harmony with the Universe 01:50  
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7. New York - Miami 04:29  
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8. H.H.G. (The Scientific Research) 03:11  
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9. Lotus Eaters 01:01  
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10. My Own God 04:33  
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11. In Fear of Nonentity 04:44  
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12. Remembrance of Dying Planet 01:41  
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13. Victim (She Lives in a Grave) 06:21  
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14. Near Encounters with 5th Measure 01:30  
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15. Aliens 02:06  
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Khorzon Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Messiah Vocals
Lewy Keyboards
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All songs written by MUSSORGSKI.

Recording information:

Engineered by Czacha and MUSSORGSKI.
Recorded and mixed at Tuba Studio.

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