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Ace of Spades


Release date:
November 8th, 1980
Catalog ID:
202 876-320
Bronze Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
11 reviews (avg. 84%)
Side A
1. Ace of Spades 02:49   Show lyrics
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2. Love Me like a Reptile 03:23   Show lyrics
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3. Shoot You in the Back 02:40   Show lyrics
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4. Live to Win 03:37   Show lyrics
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5. Fast and Loose 03:23   Show lyrics
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6. (We Are) The Road Crew 03:12   Show lyrics
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Side B
7. Fire, Fire 02:44   Show lyrics
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8. Jailbait 03:33   Show lyrics
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9. Dance 02:38   Show lyrics
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10. Bite the Bullet 01:38   Show lyrics
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11. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch 04:18   Show lyrics
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12. The Hammer 02:48   Show lyrics
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Band members
Lemmy Kilmister Vocals, Bass
Fast Eddie Clarke Guitars
Philthy Animal Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Vic Maile (R.I.P. 1989) Producer
Trevor Hallesy Engineering
Alan Ballard Photography
Lemmy Kilmister Vocals, Bass
Fast Eddie Clarke Guitars
Philthy Animal Drums
Vic Maile (R.I.P. 1989) Producer
Trevor Hallesy Engineering
Alan Ballard Photography
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All tracks by Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor.

Roadrunner Records issued a CD with one bonus track, "Dirty Love".
Made in USA - RR 9227-2

The 2001 CD version has the following bonus tracks:
13. Dirty Love (Ace of Spades B-side)
14. Please Don't Touch (Johnny Kidd and the Pirates cover - performed by Headgirl)
15. Emergency (Girlschool cover - features Denise Dufort on drums)

Reissued by Sanctuary Records in 2005 as a two CD package. The first disc is the original album, the second is bonus tracks and has the following tracklist:
1. Dirty Love (b-side 'Ace of Spades' single)
2. Ace of Spades (alternative version)
3. Love Me Like a Reptile (alternative version)
4. Love Me like a Reptile (alternative version)
5. Shoot You in the Back (alternative version)
6. Fast and Loose (alternative version)
7. (We Are) The Roadcrew (alternative version)
8. Fire Fire (alternative version)
9. Jailbait (alternative version)
10. The Hammer (alternative version)
11. Dirty Love (alternative version)
12. Dirty Love (alternative version)
BBC Radio 1, David Jensen Session
13. Fast and Loose
14. Live to Win
15. Bite the Bullet/The Chase Is Better than the Catch

A "Classic Albums" documentary has been made for "Ace of Spades", chronicling its inception, recording process and legacy. It features a technology-aided reunion of the line-up that recorded it, performing the songs again in a studio setting.

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