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Morticious > Genetic Blurr
Morticious - Genetic Blurr
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Genetic Blurr


Release date:
March 27th, 1990
None yet
1. Genetic Blurr 02:30  
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2. Psyco-Genesis 01:43  
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3. Stygian Shore 02:13  
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4. Mutoidic Purgation 02:45  
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5. Desymonization 02:09  
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Recorded at Inner Ear Studios on 3/27,+28. Artwork by Ken Thurston

Released with 2 different covers.

In the second version of the demo, the error in the second track title was changed to read "Psycho-Genesis".
The fourth track title was changed to "Mutodic Purgation".
The last track was renamed to "Disymynazation".
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