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House by the Cemetery


Release date:
August 22nd, 1995
Catalog ID:
Relapse Records
7 reviews (avg. 74%)
1. Intro - Defiler of the Dead 02:51   Show lyrics
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2. Barbaric Cruelties 00:53   Show lyrics
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3. World Domination 02:45   Show lyrics
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4. Driller Killer 01:59   Show lyrics
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5. House by the Cemetery - Outro 02:53   Show lyrics
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6. Procreation (Of the Wicked) (Celtic Frost cover) 04:02   Show lyrics
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7. Scum (Napalm Death cover) 02:23   Show lyrics
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8. Intro - Gateway to Beyond 02:00   Show lyrics
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9. Flesheaters 01:40   Show lyrics
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10. Noturam Demondo - Outro 02:48   Show lyrics
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Will Rahmer Bass, Vocals
Roger J. Beaujard Drum programming, Guitars
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Catalogue # RR 6933-2

The first 5 tracks were first released on a 7'' with the same title.

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