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Morbid Saint > Destruction System
Morbid Saint - Destruction System
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Destruction System

Morbid Saint

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4 reviews (avg. 86%)
Side A
1. Darkness Unseen 04:24   Show lyrics
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2. Depth of Sanity 04:16  
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3. Final Exit 02:57   Show lyrics
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4. Destruction System 05:01   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Disciples of Discipline 04:00   Show lyrics
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6. Halls of Terror 04:33   Show lyrics
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7. Living Misery 03:43   Show lyrics
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8. Sign of the Times 04:32   Show lyrics
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Read Less fast, just as furious 83% Valfars Ghost June 14th, 2016
Read Morbid Saint come back for... 85% Sigillum_Dei_Ameth April 16th, 2008
Read I'd sell my soul for thisto... 89% Behemoth118 August 9th, 2007
Read Very impressive "follow-up" 88% Dragunov May 17th, 2005

Was made available to fans as an advance cassette for a planned second full-length, but never officially released in latter form.

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